Web Badges

A web badge is an image that you can place on your website that will allow visitors to easily access the First 2000 Days website. Whichever badge you choose, visitors will click on the image to go the first2000days.org home page.

To place a badge on your site, cut and paste one of the html code snippets below into your site. Be sure to copy all of the text below the badge you want to select. (You will not need to copy the image itself, just the code.)

<a href=”http://www.first2000days.org” title=”First 2000 Days”>
<img src=”http://www.first2000days.org/assets/uploads/2014/06/profile-pic-first2000days-june2014.png” border=”0″ alt=”Visit the First 2000 Days Website” /></a>

First 2000 Days Web Banner

<a href=”http://www.first2000days.org” title=”First 2000 Days”> <img src=”http://www.first2000days.org/assets/uploads/2014/06/First-2000-Days-Web-Banner.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Visit the First 2000 Days Website” /></a>

  • We Are Committed to Young Children

    We believe that when all young children are given the best opportunity to realize their potential and contribute as productive citizens, North Carolina prospers. See who else has signed the commitment and join us!
  • Steve Brewington
    Holly Springs
    Holly Springs Police Department
  • Shannon Newsome
    Reidsville Christian Church
  • Jack Warren
  • Judge Louis A. Trosch, Jr.
    Juvenile Court
  • Nicole Atkinson
    Youth and Famiily Services